A Family Supper
de Kazuo Ishiguro

       Na disciplina de Inglês, a profª Ana Paiva,  "convidou" os alunos de 11º ano a lerem o conto A Family Supper de Kazuo Ishiguro ( britânico de origem nipónica, prémio nobel em 2017).

       Dado que o conto acaba em aberto, os alunos foram desafiados a dar continuidade a esta narrativa.

Eis alguns desses trabalhos!


         Days have passed since I returned to Japan and things have been going well. During the last two weeks, Kikuko and I visited downtown and spent time together and it made me remember the old days. Father also came along with us and he looks much happier now. Our relationship has also improved a lot and having dinner as a family is getting less and less awkward as days go by.

 Since Kikuko and I want to go to the States, we are trying to convince Father to go with us for some weeks to learn and get to know America. I have been offered a new job with better conditions. It has always been Kikuko’s dream to live there but we do not want to leave Father in Japan all alone again. It was when Kikuko and I were about to give up the idea, that Father agreed and started packing. We were thrilled!

 Now we are landing in California and I have never seen neither Father nor Kikuko so excited! To be truthful, I am also excited for this new chapter of our lives…

 Patrícia Mendonça

 11º D

         Kikuko arrived with our tea and we all drank it in silence. I was lost in my thoughts. Should I stay with my father and take care of him? Should I go to America again? My father was talking to me and I did not even realize. “- Son!”  He yelled. I looked at him and answered “- Sorry father, I wasn’t paying attention!” He asked me what was in my mind, but I told him not to worry. Meanwhile Kikuko quietly drank her tea. This tense atmosphere scared me. Was this a “trailer” of what my evenings will look like if I stay in Japan?

         We all finished our teas and went to sleep. Hours passed but I had too many worries and could not fall asleep. I decided to go for a walk.

         I was about to leave when I saw my dad in the kitchen. He was turning on the gas. I ran to him worried that he was following his partner’s actions but then I saw him stabbing himself with a small sharp knife, putting an end to his own life.

         I called the ambulance and turned off the gas. Kikuko woke up with the noise and cried nonstop for hours while I mourned my dad’s tragic death.

Benedita Cachadinha

11º D

      After a couple of minutes, Kikuko brought the tea tray with the teapot and teacups. The teapot was extremely hot, the water was still boiling.

     “I’m sorry, father” said my sister, very anxious. “I was cleaning the kitchen too, so I completely forgot…”

      “Don't worry” interrupted the father. “We’ll wait until the tea cools down”. After a long silence, he continued: “Actually, if you don't mind, I have something to confess”.  My sister and I kept in silence, staring at each other.

      “I'm really trying to improve myself, to become a better person, you know. I want to be more like your mother was. Therefore, I want to reconcile with both of you, be there for you, get to know you. Your mother's death was not exactly the type of thing that brings honor to our family’s name. I want to compensate that by preventing other people from dying by eating fugu. I'm taking classes to learn how to manage and cook fugu without any risk to anyone.”, said my father slowly.

      “Wait, was fugu what we just ate?” I said nervously.

       “Of course not, I'm awful with names, so I can't remember the name of the fish we ate. But I know it wasn't fugu.”

       The talk stopped there. We all went to bed thinking about this monologue. The next day would be a new day, we would have lots of time to talk to each other then…

Eva Santos,

11º A

            Kikuko arrived with tea.

            I wasn´t feeling very well ` I don’t want any tea, I’m going to bed ´, I told her.

            ` It was a long trip ´ my father said.

            I went upstairs and very oddly I was coughing blood.

            Then I realised, that the fish had a familiar taste.

            I started to worry and quietly I told Kikuko that I needed to talk to her. I explained the situation. Finally, we came up with a plan.

            My father went to sleep. We escaped through the window and ran the fastest we could to the hospital.

            When we got there, they explained we had eaten the fugu fish.

            ` Don’t tell me, father wants to kill us, like Watanabe did to his family! ´ Kikuko said very scared.

            ` I don’t know but we are safe here. ´

            We finally had an operation to remove the poison.

            The next minute, we booked a flight to the USA.

            We got there and went straight to my house.

            Kikuko finally showed a sign of relief. But when we got in….

` Can you smell some gas? ´ she asked.

` Yes, that’s weird! ´

` Did you think you could run away from me? ´  asked  father with a strange smile and with a knife in is hand …………

André Nabais